Adolescent Wellness After-School Extended Path Program For Teens In Wake Forest, NC

Welcome to Bright Path, where we guide teenagers on their journey to robust mental health and emotional well-being. We understand the complexities of adolescent mental health and the importance of comprehensive support.

The Extended Path Program, also known as our afterschool program, offers structured support in the late afternoon. The Extended Path Program lasts for 6-weeks and is specially curated for adolescents seeking support, growth, and community in their mental health journey. Our programs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of young individuals and their families. Below is an overview of our key programs:

afterschool mental health program for teens north carolina

Overview of the 6-week After-school Program

Navigating through the complex world of adolescence, especially amidst the added pressures of recent global events, is no small feat. Our program is here to offer a safe, nurturing environment where teenagers can explore, understand, and enhance their mental well-being.

Core Focus and Objectives

Mental Health and Well-being Enhancement: The core of our program is centered around fostering an environment where teenagers can delve into their mental health, exploring and navigating their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in a supportive and non-judgmental space.

Essential Pandemic Recovery Strategies: In light of the current global context, we emphasize skills and strategies that cater specifically to pandemic-related stresses and anxieties, facilitating a wholesome recovery process.

Age Group and Timing Details

Dedicated to teenagers aged 13-17, our program offers a blend of therapeutic and expressive activities, extending a supportive hand as they walk through their path of recovery and self-discovery, every Tuesday to Thursday, from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

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Therapies and Activities Offered

The therapies and activities offered during are afterschool program are listed below:

1. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Embrace the power of DBT, a transformative approach focusing on developing emotional regulation, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness. Engage in activities and discussions that guide adolescents in managing their emotions and navigating through interpersonal conflicts.

2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

With CBT, we’ll explore patterns of thinking and how they impact feelings and actions. Teenagers will learn to identify, challenge, and alter detrimental thoughts, laying down a foundation for healthier thinking and behavior patterns.

3. Creative Expression

Providing a non-verbal outlet for emotions, our creative expression activities, such as art, drama, and music therapies, open up a world where feelings are communicated, explored, and understood through artistic mediums.

4. Mindfulness Activities

Delve into the realm of mindfulness, exploring practices that root us in the present moment, and fostering a calm, focused, and serene environment. From meditation to mindful movement, adolescents will learn to navigate their emotions and thoughts with greater ease and understanding.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

The goals for our adolescent afterschool program in Wake Forrest, North Carolina are listed below:

Development of Social and Interpersonal Skills

Journey with us as we pave a path toward bolstered social connections and enriched interpersonal skills. Through our carefully crafted sessions, teenagers will delve into the nuances of social interaction, forming healthy relationships, and enhancing communication, all while navigating the ebbs and flows of peer interaction.

Stress Management Techniques

Our program equips adolescents with an arsenal of stress-management techniques, aiding them in identifying stressors and adopting coping mechanisms that are both healthy and effective, ensuring they are better prepared to navigate through life’s inevitable pressures.

Enhancement of Emotional Well-being

By immersing in a supportive and empathetic environment, participants will unearth and explore their emotions, learning practical strategies to nurture their emotional well-being and build a foundation of inner strength and resilience.

Building Resilience in a Challenging World

Navigating through the intricate world of adolescence is made significantly smoother as we bolster resilience, providing tools and strategies that enable them to bounce back from adversities and thrive amid challenges.

Comprehensive Support

Safety Plan Development and Maintenance

Our commitment to each teenager’s safety is paramount. Participants and therapists work collectively to develop and maintain personalized safety plans, ensuring a secure space that supports their journey toward mental wellness.

Access to Parent Groups

Parenting an adolescent through their mental health journey necessitates support and knowledge. Our parent groups provide a platform for sharing experiences, strategies, and receiving expert advice on navigating through such crucial times.

Continuous Evaluation and Treatment Needs Observation

Our skilled team continually evaluates the progress and needs of each participant, ensuring the approach and interventions employed are tailored and relevant, adapting to their evolving journey.

Resource Suggestions

Upon request, we provide a curated list of resources – be it books, articles, or external support groups – assisting further in the collective journey of adolescent mental wellness.

Participation Information

Welcome Note to Interested Teenagers

To all curious and brave teenagers willing to step onto a path of exploration and enhancement of their mental well-being: We welcome you with open arms to a space crafted with understanding, support, and tailored guidance.

Virtual Screening Process

To ensure the best fit for our program, a virtual screening will be undertaken for each interested teenager. This involves:

  • Purpose: A thorough understanding to ensure that our program aligns with your needs and to foster a cohesive group dynamic.
  • Process Overview: A comfortable, confidential space where we explore your needs, expectations, and how we can best support your journey.

Contact Bright Path: Where the Healing Journey Begins

Recognizing that each teenager is unique, our Education Liaison creates tailored support to each teen’s individual needs. This includes personalized plans that address both their mental health and educational goals leading to better outcomes. Mental health challenges and substance use are formidable, yet with Bright Path, they are surmountable. Here, recovery is not merely a wish; it is a steadfast promise.

Parents, navigating through your teen’s struggles need not be a solitary battle. Providers seeking to refer, consider us your reliable ally.

Your first step into a future of wellness and shining potential commences here. Connect with us today about our outpatient mental health programs for teens in North Carolina and let’s illuminate the Bright Path together.

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