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Abigail Krieck

Dedicated to the cause of mental health and well-being, Abigail is a compassionate Clinical Outreach Specialist at Bright Path Behavioral Health. She plays a pivotal role in bringing support, hope, and healing to individuals and communities in need.
With 10 years of experience in mental health, Abigail is an advocate for those who may otherwise go unnoticed. Her work as a Clinical Outreach Specialist revolves around ensuring that no one is left behind, that everyone has access to the resources and care they deserve.
At Bright Path Behavioral Health, Abigail plays a central role in connecting individuals to the vital services they require when stepping down from programming. She specialize in community engagement, and is known for resource coordination that bridges the gap between need and assistance.
Abigail is committed to fostering partnerships and collaboration within the community. She actively engages in other mental health providers and programs, schools, youth groups, government agencies, and extracurricular programs, working tirelessly to expand access to mental health support.
Abigail holds her role at Bright Path Behavioral Health with distinction, ensuring that the program’s mission of making quality mental health treatment accessible is realized every day. She is instrumental in breaking down the barriers and stigma associated with mental health, making it easier for individuals to seek help when they need it.
Outside of her role at Bright Path, Abgail enjoys hiking with her dogs, cooking, baking, and raising carnivorous plants, which provide a well-deserved break and contribute to her own mental well-being.
Abigail is driven by the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to lead a mentally healthy life. As a Clinical Outreach Specialist, she embody this principle and work tirelessly to ensure that help is just a call or conversation away.